Indulgence Packages


Luxury Massage Package: 

Why go to a massage clinic or day spa, only to be stressed from the drive on return?

Indulge in a luxury massage in the comfort of Carter Cottages. Relax and enjoy an Oil Massage like no other from the brilliant hands of Pili founder of SoooBeautiful Skin Body & Mind. Enjoy your neck and back massage while listening to the Holosync Meditations sounds in the background where oils are burning, candles are flaming and you are taken to a journey of relaxation

 SoooBeautiful – Skin Body & Mind

Hi my name is Pili and I believe that in life all we really want is to FEEL GOOD. With this in mind, SoooBeautiful was born. I wanted to create something that would make a positive difference in people’s lives. It is SoooBeautiful to share nature’s gift knowing that they will enhance well-being.

Packages can be tailored to suit your needs and only limited by your imagination, speak to management to  design a special package for your visit.